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The Key Equipment Of Conical Ball Mill Is Improved In The Process Of Mineral Processing
- Apr 28, 2018 -

The grinding operation is the continuation of the ore crushing process and is an important part of preparation before separation. The grinding operation is not only in the mineral processing industry, but also in the industrial sectors such as construction, chemistry and power. All except some placer processing mill, there are almost grinding operation in the mineral processing industry, while useful minerals in the ore in the fine grained disseminated, in order to be removed from the gangue minerals, and separate each other all kinds of useful minerals, ore mill must be 0.1-0.3 mm, sometimes even grinding to less than 0.05 to 0.074 mm. The grinding fineness is closely related to the ore dressing index. To some extent, the recovery rate of useful minerals increases with the decrease of grinding fineness. Therefore, reducing the grinding fineness of ore can improve the recovery and yield of useful minerals. The power consumed by grinding is more than 30% of the total power consumption of the concentrator. Therefore, grinding operation plays an important role in the process of mineral processing.

The main technical description of the cone ball mill is that the ball mill is the key equipment for crushing the material after it is broken. Ball mill is widely used in cement, Portland products, new building material, refractory material, fertilizer, black and non-ferrous metal ore dressing and glass ceramics production industry, of all kinds of ores and other materials may be grinding of dry or wet grinding.

Cone ball mill use: this machine has changed the original mill structure, make the body, chassis integration, installation time can be a and based on the plane, main bearing adopts double LieDiao roller bearing, can reduce consumption by 30%, increase energy in fine-grained, increase 15-20%.