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The Importance Of Preventing Rust Of Sand Making Equipment
- Jun 25, 2018 -

Most sand making equipment such as the third-generation sand making machine, the river cobble sand making machine and so on, the basic structure of which is made of steel and iron, has a long time of open-air operation or relatively adequate water vapor, and semetime those equipment even idle for a period. Rust is a normal chemical reaction.

There is also the rust of the inner cavity of the third-generation sand making machines, river gravel sand making machines, etc., which is due to the internal wall and materials (usually hard rocks, ores, etc.) being rubbed and scratched during the crushing process. It is easy to rust when shelved for a long time. Rust does not matter, but should be dealt with in time to prevent its long-term rust, resulting in machine damage, affecting the normal use of sand making equipment.

The third generation sand making machine, the river cobble sand making machine and so on sand making equipment is one kind of iron and steel products, if not treated, will certainly rust, will seriously affect the service life. Apply mineral oil on the surface of sand making equipment, paint or burn enamel, spray plastic to prevent it from rusting.

A layer of non-rust metals such as zinc, tin, chromium and nickel is deposited on the surface of iron and steel by electroplating and hot plating. dense oxide film that prevents iron from rusting in contact with water and air, will be formed on those metal surfaces. A dense and stable oxide film can also be formed on the surface of iron products by chemical methods to prevent iron products from rusting.