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The Development Of Domestic Washing Machine And The Effect Of Washing Sand Efficiently
- Apr 28, 2018 -

The development of the washing machine is imperative under the national standard, and the sand and mixed sand are called artificial sand. First of all, artificial sand entering the construction market is the need for the development of market situation. With the further development of reform and opening up, the sand industry has developed rapidly along with other building materials industry. The annual output of sand and stone in China has increased from 600 million tons to 1.5 billion tons, of which about 600 million tons. Currently used in most regions of sand is a natural sand and natural sand resources is a kind of local resources, is a short-term non-renewable and long distance transportation, with the development of infrastructure construction, in some areas appear natural sand resources in our country gradually reduce, even without natural sand, especially the contradiction between supply and demand of sand concrete, and sand prices higher and higher, in some areas is as high as 110 yuan/ton, sand with sand peak is still not available, affected the progress of the project construction. With the rapid development of concrete technology, the modern concrete technology requirements for sand is higher and higher, especially the level of high strength and high performance concrete for aggregate demand is very strict, can meet the requirements of natural sand quantity less and less, even no.

Sand washing machine is widely used in sand and stone field, mining, building materials, transportation, chemical industry, water conservancy and hydropower, concrete mixing station and other industries to wash materials. The sand washer can be divided into two types: XS and XL. It can remove impurities that cover the surface of sand, and destroy the water vapor layer of the coated sand, so as to facilitate the dehydration and wash the sand effectively. Second, the need for environmental protection. Due to the shortage of sand resources, prices, in the economic interests of the driven, many areas have appeared in our country has erected mining of natural sand digging, especially in previous years, destroyed field to dig sand, the situation of the damage to dig sand river, not only destroyed the limited arable land, flood control levees, and thus cause a lot of engineering accidents. In addition, due to the disorder of natural sand production, also cause in the process of production, storage and transportation of the air and environment pollution, the state council and local people's government had to have issued a ban or limit natural sand mining. Our country has a large number of metals and non-metallic mineral, in the process of mining and processing associated with about 20% of the tailings, there are quite a tailings not reasonable use, is about tens of billions of tons of the tailings accumulation, takes up a lot of land, cause environmental pollution. If properly sorted and processed, many tailings can be made into artificial sand, which can not only solve the problem of environmental pollution, but also improve the utilization of resources and form comprehensive benefits.

At present, there are many artificial sand production lines at home, and the equipment and technology of producing artificial sand are fully equipped. There are different brands and models of sand making equipment at home and abroad. Therefore, it is imperative to develop sand washing.