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The Development Direction Of Screw Washing Machine
- Apr 28, 2018 -

The development direction of screw washing machine.

1. The energy efficiency of the washing equipment must be further improved. At present, China's washing and mining technology has been mature in the washing machine and other spiral washing machines, impact type washing machine, composite cone washing machine, washing machine and special equipment in the domestic market production. In order to meet the new requirements of customer cost saving and new standards for energy conservation and environmental protection of the country, the technical improvement of the washing equipment should be further improved. Technical personnel really improve efficiency by improving design and perfect customer service plan to save cost for customers.

2. Further improve the operation of the CNC system. It and computer innovation can further save manpower, material resources and capital investment in the production process. In the future, the washing machine combines the perfect engineering machinery with Internet information. The network computer technology is not only suitable for the design of the equipment but also improves the actual operation efficiency and quality of the washing machine. The future will gradually improve the mature digital process, research and development and operation.

3. The diversified application of mine washing machine has been widely used in mining industry and has successfully improved the economic value of mining waste. The progress of the new era has made the mine cleaner more diversified. Recently, the successful application case of washing mine is to crush concrete in construction waste to make use of it as building material. Similarly, impact type washing machine and composite cone washing machine are the main ore dressing and market washing equipment.