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The Design Of Screw Conveyor Should Consider Many Factors
- Apr 28, 2018 -

Screw conveyor design should first consider when the delivery of material characteristics, grinding cut resistance, viscosity, water content, acid, alkaline, and so on factors, accomplish according to different material and design the appropriate models. Secondly, the operation speed of the screw conveyor is determined for different materials, and the particle size influences slip, impact and abrasion. The higher the revolution, the greater the slip of the material. However, it is not possible to increase the transmission capacity by increasing the speed of the drive shaft. Some materials will have a greater impact on the spiral blades, and the blades will wear more and more with the u-shaped tank. This case effectively improve throughput in fact still need to choose large model aircraft, assembly with large diameter screw axis enhanced tube shaft torsional strength, reduce the amount of hanging bearing mounted to increase the material throughput. To choose more high power motor according to accurate selection, how much distance throughput and less power, material transport slow, motor due to overload easily burned, power will increase the cost of production.