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The Application Of Magnetic Separation Equipment In Iron Ore Resources
- Apr 28, 2018 -

Magnetic separation equipment is by far the most widely used and cost-effective equipment in the industry. With the continuous updating of the technology of magnetic separation equipment, the application of magnetic separation equipment is becoming more and more mature. At the same time, magnetic separation equipment has made great contributions to the iron ore resources field in our country.

As in recent years, the economy and comprehensive utilization of mineral resources in our country, also prompted magnetic separation equipment in the coal industry, chemical industry, timber, etc in the field of iron removal operations, resource recycling and application has played a significant role. It is of great practical significance to promote the development of China's steel industry by utilizing iron ore resources. For iron ore resources in some iron containing silicate is more, this type of ore beneficiation production history, the longest since the mineral composition is simple, usually adopted is weak magnetic separation method, magnetic separation equipment of iron in the iron ore resources, resources recycling and so on all play a major role, and the structure of the magnetic separation equipment is simple, large quantity, is also very convenient to operate, convenient maintenance, in the prophase of saving cost but also improve the work efficiency in the late.