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Secondary Crushers Comparing
- Jun 04, 2018 -

In stone crushing, according to the size of feed and discharge granularity, it is often divided into coarse, medium and fine crushing, also called first crusher, second crusher and three-stage crusher. How to choose between different types of second crusher, following will give our suggestions:

   一、Using impact crusher as secondary crusher.

Advantage: Impact crusher suitable for low hardness material crushing, such as limestone. The size of the finished product is uniform, and the size of the broken grain can be selected; the feed size is larger, generally 0-300 mm, and the one-time investment cost is low.

Disadvantage:The disadvantage is the hammer and plate are easy to wear out, especially when crushing the material with high hardness.

The impact crusher is generally used in sand production lines and mineral dressing production lines, and it cannot be used as a first class crushing. Generally, it follows the jaw crusher as a second break, which conforms to the principle of more breaking and less grinding. The work load of impact crusher is reduced, and the work value of it is increased.

   二、Using Cone Crusher as Secondary crusher.

Advantages: Suitable for high hardness materials, such as granite, basalt, iron ore and so on. The crushing ratio is high, the finished product is uniform, the finished product size is smaller, the life cycle of the easily damaged parts is long, no frequent replacement is needed, and the operating cost is low.

Disadvantages: The compressive strength isnt as good as the impact crusher, and the cost of one-time investment is higher.

   三、Using Jaw Crusher as secondary crusher

Advantages: Suitable for hard materials; high crushing ratio; the most significant advantage is low operating cost and investment cost.

Disadvantages: Needle content in the finished product is high, the finished product can not be used for  high request industry.