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Jaw Crusher Installation, Operation And Maintenance
- May 21, 2018 -

Jaw Crusher is suitable for all kinds of ores and rocks with medium crushing compressive strength not exceeding 2000Kg/cm2. Today we talk about jaw crusher installation, operation and maintenance.

I. Jaw Crusher Installation:

1. It is suggested that the jaw crusher should be installed on concrete foundation in order to reduce the noise and absorb the vibration reaction, so that the vibration of jaw crusher will not affect the building foundation. It is better to use hardwood cushion, rubber belt or other shock absorber material in crusher and concrete foundation.

2. The foundation weight can be approximately 5-10 times of the jaw crusher weight, and the depth of the foundation is greater than that of the local freezing. For the installation of the machine and the position of the foot screws, see the foundation drawing.

3. Before adjusting the discharge opening, the tension spring should be loosened first, and then the tension degree of the spring should be adjusted properly to prevent the elbow plate from falling off while working.

II.Operation Declaration:

  1. Preparatory work before starting

    1) Check lubrication of bearings and adequate grease in bearing and plate joints carefully.

    2All fasteners should be carefully checked for full fastening

3Check whether the transmission belt is good, find that there is damage to the belt should be replaced in time, when there is oil on the belt or pulley clean with cloth.

4Check that the protective device is in good condition and safe.

    5Check the crushing cavities weather there are ore and other materials in it.

  2. Starting the Jaw Crusher:

    1Jaw Crusher can start after checking the machine and the transmission part of the normal condition.

    2This machine is only allowed to start at no load.

    3After starting, if there is abnormal situation, should stop immediately, to be identified and eliminated before restarting the crusher.

  3.Maintenance and use

    1. The jaw crusher can't start feeding until it moves normally.

    2The materials to be crushing should be added into the crushing cavity uniformly and side feeding should be avoided to prevent the sudden change of load or the sudden increase of unilateral load.

    3Under normal working conditions, the highest temperature of the bearing should not exceed 75 degree, if it exceeds 75 degree, stop immediately to find out the cause and eliminate it.

    4Before stopping, the feeding work should be stopped first, and the power supply should be shut down after the broken material is completely discharged in the broken chamber.

    5When using, if the material in the broken cavity is blocked, the power supply should be cut off immediately, the material must be removed before starting again.

6One end of the jaw plate is worn and can be used for adjusting the use of the head.