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Importance Of Vibrating Screen Operation And Adjustment
- May 23, 2018 -

Vibrating screen can be used in various screening operations. Because of the circular vibration track of the screen, the material on the screen surface is continuously flipped and loosened. To increasing the efficiency of the Vibrating Screen, proper adjustment and operation for the screen is very important.

  . Adjustment and commissioning

  1The spring must be in a vertical state. The contact surface between the spring support and the spring must be leveled. After adjustment, the upper bearing of the spring is fixed on the trunnion of the screen box by bolts, and then welded together into one.

  2The driving direction of the vibrating screen is determined: standing at the feed end, observing the position of the motor in the face of the material flow direction, and getting the left phase or right phase drive. When the drive direction is changed, remove the coupling from the shaft cover, reinstall it to the other shaft cover and fasten it.

  3After installation and adjustment, no less than 2 hours of no-load operation should be carried out, which requires smooth operation, no abnormal noise, amplitude and track, and the maximum temperature of bearing is not more than 75 .

  4After no-load test running, load test operation can be made, load test time can be carried out according to process test requirements.

  5The vibrator must be turned by hand (or by other means) before the test running. Rotation should be flexible, no blocking phenomenon.

  2. Operation:

1Check the fastening degree of all bolts and refasten them again after 8 hours of initial work.

2Ensure minimum clearance between all moving parts and fixtures

3The vibrating screen should be started with no-load. After the screen is running smoothly, the feeding should be started, the feed should be stopped before stopping, and the material on the screen surface should be removed before stopping.

4Feed chute should be as close as possible to the feed end, and as wide as possible along the sieve feed.

5The rotary time in the direction of material flow can increase the production capacity, but reduce the screening efficiency. When the vibrator turns in the reverse direction, the material running speed and production capacity can be reduced, and the screening efficiency can be improved.