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How To Reduce The Cost Of Stone Production Line
- Jun 06, 2018 -

The stone production line can produce the best quality sand for us, to matching building aggregate with other building materials,thus to meet all kinds of construction materials. The reasonable equipment of stone production line can not only help us save resources, but also protect the environment.


So, how to effectively reduce the cost of stone production line?


First: Less Investment. In order to reduce the investment of stone production line to the minimum, the best solution is to transform the rotor of the crusher. Because the rotor life can be increased by one-two times after the transformation.  


Second: Adopt high quality stone production line equipment. Usually the crusher is the necessary equipment, but the impact plate and hammer head often wear heavily in the crushing processing. It will not only prolong the production time and reduce the production efficiency, but also cause the whole production cost to rise. Therefore, in order to increase the service life of these vulnerable parts by about 1 / 2 times, ultra-high chromium plate hammer and large gold tooth hammer head are used to replace the original parts respectively. In this way, the wear resistance of those parts will be improved by a certain level, and the cost of the whole production line will be increased. Lower.


Third: Increasing the working efficiency of secondary crusher or third crusher, because those kind of crushers have better crushing effect and its investment is relatively small.