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How To Choose Cone Crusher And Impact Crusher Correctly
- Jun 27, 2018 -

When choosing crushing equipment, customers should choose suitable crushing equipment according to different requirements of materials and finished products. If hydraulic cone crusher is the best choice for crushing high hardness materials, The impact crusher is a secret weapon for crushing minerals with low and medium hardness.

How to choose the main crusher?

The obvious difference between cone crusher and impact crusher is the difference between the principle and appearance of fracture, and it is easy to distinguish. The impact crusher principle is adopted in the counter attack, the material is repeatedly smashed between the plate hammer and the impact plate.The cone crusher is broken by lamination, the wall of the mortar is continuously moving towards the broken wall, and the material that is clamped between the two is squeezed to make it comminuted.

There are also many differences as following between the cone crusher and impact crusher actually.

Cone Crusher can be used as secondary crushing equipment, but the hardness of the material is not the same. Generally speaking, cone crusher mainly breaks some hard materials, such as granite, basalt, tuff, river pebble and so on, while the impact crusher is used to break materials with lower hardness, such as limestone, etc.

In a word, impact crusher is suitable for crushing middle hardness and low toughness and brittle materials, Cone Crusher suitable for crushing hard materials

Discharge size and shape is different.

Two kinds of crusher equipment crushing material discharge granularity is also not the same. Generally speaking, cone crusher is thinner than  impact crusher. In actual production, cone crushers are usually applied in ore dressing line, and impct crusher mainly for building materials and construction projects.

Product granulation type is different

The granular shape of the impact crusher is good, the end of the finished product is little, and the powder is more.

Capacity is different

Compared with Impact Crusher, cone crusher has the characteristics of low energy consumption, large output and stable production, so cone crusher is often used in large-scale production lines with high yield.

Investment is different.

The price of cone crusher is higher than that of impact crusher, but it has a long life of easily damaged parts and avoids the trouble of replacing parts frequently. In the long run, cone crusher is more cost-effective than impact crusher.

It can be understood that the cost of early purchase of impact crusher  is low, the cost of maintenance is higher, the cost of earlier stage of cone crusher is high, and the cost of  maintenance is lower.

Pollutionis different.

The noise pollution and dust pollution caused by impact crusher are large, and the pollution caused by cone crusher is relatively small.

In addition, the cone crusher has higher performance than impact crusher, higher production, less effort of crushing hard materials, longer life of easily damaged parts, and higher performance-price ratio of cone crusher than impact crusher in the long run.