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How Does The Operation Of The Ore Dressing Mill Affect The Grinding Effect?
- Apr 28, 2018 -

How does the operation of the ore dressing mill affect the grinding effect?

Each concentrator must choose the shape and material, size and reasonable complement of the grinding medium according to the characteristics of the grinding ore and the requirements of grinding product quality. The grinding medium requires as much surface area and mass as possible so as to have the appropriate surface contact with the abrasive material and enough energy to grind the material; In ore dressing ball mill grinding media size and the material impact, extrusion and the strength of the grinding effect is closely related to a direct impact on the grinding effect, determine the main consideration the material properties of the medium size and particle size; Elected length and the diameter of the ball mill turn rate of a certain case, within the scope of the packed ball rate of no more than 50%, dressing the useful power of the ball mill with the ball rate increases, production capacity increases; Grinding media in the process of grinding, itself also will continue to wear, in order to make the dressing ball mill in the process of grinding medium filling rate unchanged, every day to ore dressing mill addition of a certain size and number of new media.

Feed rate refers to the unit time to selected ore mill ore quantity, in order to make the dressing ball mill work effectively, should be moderate feed speed, uniform and continuous, the grain size of feed stability.

The speed of the mill is different, the grinding medium is different and the grinding effect is different. When the mill speed is low, the impact force is small, and the production capacity of the concentrator is lower, which is suitable for fine grinding. When the speed is higher, the impact force is stronger, which is favorable for crushing the material with larger grain size, and the production capacity of the concentrator is high.

Reasonable control of ball mill operation conditions, has a decisive influence on the mineral grinding operation, ore dressing mill operators must according to the ore properties and the grinding particle size adjustment of operating conditions, the ore dressing mill work under optimum conditions, so as to achieve higher grinding efficiency and good grinding effect.