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Grinding And Grinding Of Ball Mill
- Apr 28, 2018 -

Grinding and grinding of ball mill.

The optimum speed is 60%-85% of the critical speed.

The diameter of ball mill has certain effect on particle size. Generally speaking, the diameter of the sphere should not be less than 65mm, and should be larger than 4-9 times the diameter of the crushed material. The size of the ball doesn't have to be exactly the same. Use the ball of different size, can increase the grinding effect of the ball.

The ball is made of steel balls, porcelain balls and irregular pebbles. The higher the density of material, the higher the grinding efficiency.

You should not have too many balls in the tank. Too much will cause the rising ball to collide with the falling ball, consuming unnecessary energy. Usually the volume of the ball in the tank is only 30% to 35% of the volume of the tank.

It is appropriate to fill the space of the ball with the filling volume, too much or too little will affect the crushing effect. The maximum loading shall not exceed 50% of the total capacity of the tank.

The ball mill is suitable for crushing crystalline drugs (such as cinnabar and CuSO). Etc., easy to melt resin (rosin, etc.), gum and other non-tissue brittle drugs.

It can prevent the harmful dust from blowing, and it can prevent the moisture absorption of the absorbent.

It also applies to volatile drugs and fine materials.

The drugs available for use with iron can be pulverized by porcelain ball mill.

It can be filled with inert gas seal and the grinding effect is very good.