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Control Of Sand And Stone Needle Rate By Analytic Cone Crushing
- May 30, 2018 -

Conical crusher is short for cone crusher. With the continuous improvement of technical level, cone crusher is diversified, including spring cone crusher, horizontal bar hydraulic cone crusher, multi bar hydraulic cone crusher, compound cone crusher and so on. As a commonly used crushing equipment for sand and stone production, the cone crusher takes the grain type of aggregate as the main index. In the field of sand and stone crushing, it is very important and necessary to control the size of sand and stone particles in order to meet certain standards for the needle-like particles of cone crusher products.

The grain shape of sand and stone is the main index of quality evaluation of broken products, which can be divided into cubic shape and needle shape. The percentage of needle particles in the broken product is the needle rate, which is a quantitative index to evaluate the particle shape of the broken product. The main factors affecting needle rate include ore type, crusher type, crushing stage, feed size, size of closed side discharge port, feed quantity and eccentric shaft speed.

In the field of construction, the increase of pin particles in concrete aggregate leads to a decrease in the overall compressive strength of the building and an increase in cement consumption during the building process; similarly, in asphalt mixtures, The increase of needle-flake particles will also decrease the overall density and compressive and tensile strength of the mixture. It can be seen that the needle rate has an important role in the quality of broken products.

Next, for the cone crusher crushing product needle rate control to explain:

Factor affect the sand shape:

When granite feed into the crusher chamber of cone crusher, its needle rate increases rapidly with the occurrence of crushing event, and then decreases gradually after reaching a certain degree. Combined with domestic and foreign related studies, it is found that the particle size becomes more uniform after screening or particle size separation process before entering the crusher, and after entering the crushing chamber, the material is crushed, and the needle particles begin to appear. As more and more material particles were crushed by extrusion, the needle particles increased rapidly, and when the crushing events further increased, some of the particles, including the needle-like particles, began to be extruded twice or more times.

In the second half of the crushing process, the needle rate of the material in the crushing chamber falls and returns to the ideal range. It can be seen that in the working process of the cone crusher, the frequency of the occurrence of the crushing and crushing events increases, which is beneficial to the reduction of the needle like particles in the broken products. Therefore, the improvement of the spindle speed can improve the grain of the broken product to a certain extent.

Method to Improving Shape Quality:

It can be seen that it is an effective way to improve the particle shape of the broken products by increasing the rotational speed of the main shaft, improving the structural parameters of the crusher and increasing the probability of crushing events (the repeated crushing times of the materials) in the crushing chamber.