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Application Of Magnetic Separator In Wood Industry
- Apr 28, 2018 -

Magnetic separator as indispensable magnetic separation equipment industry, are widely applied to resource recovery, building materials, chemical industry, mining industry, food industry, we often see the figure of magnetic separation equipment in the wood industry, let's take a look at how the magnetic separator in wood industry (see article).

When made into finished products such as furniture, wooden doors, wood because of mechanical equipment or lumber itself, will contain some scum, these scum will affect the quality of the finished product will also influence the external beauty, so before making, must to magnetic materials, after magnetic separation of magnetic separator, can improve the quality and purity of lumber, avoid the inclusions in the wood, entrainment, belt, reduce the content of the tailings mud, make the sorting efficiency has relatively full. With the continuous improvement of magnetic separation equipment in China in recent years, today's magnetic separation equipment is closely related to high-tech technology. Magnetic separation technology has been the development of innovation, in recent years, research of new material industry of our country magnetic separation equipment using additional static electrodes greatly broadened to environmental protection, advocate of saving in our country, greatly improving the separation efficiency of the equipment, to the traditional magnetic separation machine more safety and reliable.

With the development of high and new technology, the application of magnetic separation equipment has been continuously promoted and applied.