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Analysis On The Requirements Of Sand Making Machine In Sand Making Industry
- Jul 04, 2018 -

The requirements of sand making machine in sand making industry include granite, basalt, natural river pebble, andesite, rhyolite, diabase, diorite, sandstone, limestone and so on. Sand made by sand machine has different strength and different requirements according to rock type.

The sand size of sand making machine is divided into three types according to fineness: coarse, medium and fine. The size of coarse sand is from 3.7 ~ 3.1, Size of fine sand from 3.7 ~ 3.1 and the fineness sand size is 2.2 ~ (1.6).

According to the definition of sand making mechanism sand making machine is treated by removing soil and broken by sand mill. The rock particles with diameter less than 4.75mm are made by sand making machine. But does not include soft rock, weathered rock particles.

The sand grain diameter of the sand making machine is between 4.75 and 0.15mm , and the stone powder less than 0.075mm should be limited . The particle size is 4.75 , 2.36 , 1.18 , 0.60 , 0.30 , 0.15 , preferably continuous , and the grain shape of the sand making machine is preferably cubic , and the sand making machine has certain requirements for the amount of the needle sheet .

Generally speaking, the sand making machine does not have strict requirements for the needle-shaped material. Instead, the needle-shaped material is more easily crush. The requirement of gravel is contrary to the above mentioned. The requirement of grain size and grain size of sand making machine is very strict. The reason is that square sand is the best aggregate for concrete and asphalt. The sand making machine not only increases the strength of concrete, but also reduces the amount of cement, thus reducing the cost. Secondly, the square sand has a kind of mutual locking effect because of its angular angle. The continuous grading of sand can greatly reduce the void. Simultaneous square sand ratio Sand occupies a larger surface area, making bitumen and materials or cement and materials more likely to stick together to reduce displacement.