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A Dry Magnetic Separator Is Used For The Removal Of Iron Ore
- Apr 28, 2018 -

In mining industry, magnetic separation process is an indispensable joint in ore dressing. With the power of China's infrastructure development, natural sand, lack of artificial sand has completely replaced the natural sand, our country's iron ore resources endowment is poorer, although more lean ore is more, in order to ensure the full use of resources, the emergence of magnetic separation equipment is solved this difficult problem.

Dry magnetic separation equipment, completely broke the traditional magnetic separation design principle of original roller adopts open movement composite magnetic separation system, to enhance the degree of magnetic separation and in the process of sorting speed and improve the effect of the separation, from the truly realizes non-pollution, magnetic separation net, tail, the advantage of low cost, less magnetic intensity of 100 ~ 600 mt, can according to the needs of users and to in downstream and upstream, counter-current type, such as different intensity magnetic separation, are widely used in metallurgy, cement, iron ore and other material, is the most widely used magnetic separation equipment in the mining industry. Of magnetic separation of iron ore in view of the characteristics of iron ore resources in China, in addition to iron process than abroad study early, relatively advanced technology, the method of magnetic separation is also a diversity, weak magnetic separation, magnetic separation and magnetic separation.