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A Brief Discussion On Iron Ore Processing Technology
- Apr 28, 2018 -

Iron ore as a compound is often found in nature, and there is a large amount of iron oxide in the form of iron oxide. Mohs hardness is at the level of 6.5, which is divided into magnetite, hematite, limonite and other minerals. Iron ore is one of the most important raw materials for steel production.

Iron ore suitable equipment.

Iron ore as metal ore a hard, have generally is mainly used in the production engineering equipment, jaw crusher, counterattack crusher, cone crusher, ball mill, etc. As the main production equipment. Relatively simple auxiliary equipment mainly, vibration feeder, vibrating screen, helical analyzer, magnetic separator and other small set. Depending on the yield, the size of the equipment is different. According to the time, the selection of different equipment will also change. In the process of purchasing, the manufacturer will give the specific equipment model selection.

The iron ore is delivered evenly to the jaw crusher by vibrating feeder. The raw material is sent to the counterattack crusher or the cone broken by the belt conveyor, and the broken material is transported to the vibrating screen for screening. The materials that do not meet the requirements of the finished product can be returned to the counter type crusher or conical breaking process from the vibrating screen to form a closed loop. The iron powder of 0-12 mm of the vibrating screen is evenly distributed to the ball mill for grinding powder, and is sieved by the spiral classifier, and is not fit for the ball mill to continue grinding. The iron powder that meets the requirements of the ore dressing is sent to the magnetic separator for strong magnetic separation and magnetic separation. The iron powder is obtained by feeding the iron powder into the dryer.

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