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2018 Hot Sale Rotary Kiln Maintenance
- Jun 19, 2018 -

Checking all parts of rotary kilns in accordance with the Operation Manual, Daily maintenance should be checked from the following aspects: the inspection of motors, the inspection of reducers, the inspection of couplings, the inspection of large drives, pinions and bearings, Wheel and support device inspection, kiln tube inspection, sealing device inspection. During the operation of the rotary kiln, it is necessary to ensure that the parts of the wheel and transmission system are checked every hour to see if any abnormal phenomena occur. In the course of operation, regular checks should also be made on the uniformity of contact and wear between the pulley and the roller, and the clearance should be judged according to the relative displacement between the pulley and the gasket; and Wear condition, pay attention to gasket welding crack, check the foundation for vibration and subsidence, kiln tail seal and kiln head sealing good, wear seriously, check the auxiliary transmission device and barrel temperature regularly. To have a longer service life, rotary kiln equipment must be inspected and maintained on a regular basis, according to a small monthly inspection and a large inspection every three month.