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Which methods will affect the service life of mine crushing equipment
- Apr 28, 2018 -

After a lot of customers in the use of the mining crushing equipment encountered such a problem, why the actual service life of wearing parts can not reach the expected service life, which is causing the problem?

First, non-standard installation.

Most of the hammerheads inside the crusher are operated according to the circular track, and if the equipment is tilted during installation. Then the trajectory of the hammer in the inside of the device will change, so that the hammer head will be placed on the unit in the equipment, and the load of the hammer head will be increased, and the service life will be reduced.

Second, irregular feeding.

Each crushing equipment has its own unique feed size, such as crusher feed size is 480 mm, if the device has entered a greater than 480 mm of material, not only will cause damage to the equipment jaw plugging material phenomenon, seriously affect the production and the service life of equipment.

Third, materials contain high hardness impurities.

For crushing equipment, steel and iron the material into the crusher inner absolutely fatal damage, when large outside of the realm of the hardness of the material into the crusher, light person appear bracket broken phenomenon, the person that weigh jaw injury. It takes a lot of time and effort to repair a broken device, whether it's a broken jaw or a broken jaw. No matter the impact of production efficiency or the loss of equipment life, it is unnecessary loss.

Fourth, irregular maintenance.

The material of the jaw crusher is mostly made of manganese steel. The jaw plate is made of high manganese steel, and the bracket is made of cast iron, which mainly protects the fuselage. The vulnerable parts need regular maintenance, the fuselage needs to be painted to prevent rust, and the eccentric shaft also needs regular grease lubrication. Especially during the rainy season, you need to be careful. Good equipment will not last long if it is not serviced.

If the above points are done, not only can the service life of the equipment be greatly extended, but also the improvement of production efficiency is obvious.