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What should be noticed in the machine installation of hammer crusher?
- Apr 28, 2018 -

The motor is the main working part of the hammer crusher. The installation of the motor directly affects the normal use of the crusher, so the following items should be noted in the installation of the hammer broken motor:

1. Selection of installation site.

The safety and convenience of operation, operation, maintenance and repair should be taken into account. Install in ventilated, dry, dust less place, avoid to install in damp place as far as possible.

2. Motor installation

The motor should be fixed on a firm foundation. Large power or long - term fixed use of motor, application embedded in concrete, bolt fixed. Or weld it to a steel frame.

The pipe or hard plastic pipe of the conductor should be buried in the concrete front of the pouring basin. The end of the connecting motor should not be less than 10cm, so it should be close to the motor wiring.

After the motor is installed on the base, it should be used to calibrate the longitudinal and transverse level of the motor, such as uneven, with thick metal sheets under the seat. Be careful not to use wood chips or bamboo pads under the seat of the machine, in case the nut is tightened or the motor is damaged or broken, affecting the quality of the installation.