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Wet Ball Mill and Dry Ball Mill
- Dec 05, 2018 -

The Liners wearing in wet ball mill are larger than that in dry ball mill. In order to obtain the most suitable dry and wet grinding, suitable water must be added. Compared with dry ball mill, the advantages of wet ball mill are as follows: 

1. The power index of each ton of raw material is 3 / 4 of dry type. 

2. In wet grinding line, there is no dust pollution in the atmosphere, which is especially beneficial to the crushing of harmful substances. 

3, The rotational critical speed of wet ball mill is 75%-80%, and the value of  dry ball mill is 65%-70%; 

4, Wet type is easy to add grinding aids, the grinding time is shorter. Wet ball mill is feed with slurry, impurities will be washed away easily, and feed quantity is easy to control. And because of the use of transport pumps and pipes, equipment and power costs less.  

5. The mixing of wet type is more uniform than that of dry type, and the heat produced by wet ball mill is easy to eliminate.