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The influence of the speed of the wet ball mill on the magnetic separation effect
- Apr 28, 2018 -

Generally speaking, the diameter of the wet ball mill is small, such as the use of 40rpm for the diameter of the 600mm. Large diameter with low speed, such as the diameter of 750mm with 36rpm. The speed of the wet ball mill has great influence on the processing ability. High speed processing capacity, low speed and low processing capacity. It has certain effect on the quality of concentrate. Wet ball mill in operation, high speed due to the speed is faster, smaller magnetic even had body and less chance of gangue, only the higher magnetic mineral grains may come up, thus concentrate quality is high. On the contrary, the speed is low and the speed is relatively slow. Due to the magnetic induction, there is a chance to select the ore particles with weaker magnetic properties, which will affect the quality of the concentrate.

It is very important to study the influence of the rotary speed of wet ball mill on the magnetic separation of the mine and improve the recovery and improvement of the strong magnetic mineral particles. Wet ball mill processing weak magnetic drum at pangang concentrator classifier overflow test on the effect of the cylinder speed test show that the magnetic field force large enough under the condition of increasing deterioration of tube with wet ball mill cylinder speed sorting, can strengthen the entrainment of magnetic aggregate gangue mineral particles in addition to, guaranteeing concentrate grade is the quality of products.