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Rotary Kiln Abnormal Phenomena in Operation and Their Handling Methods
- Mar 05, 2019 -

1. When the axes of the two pallets of any one gear are in incorrect position and should be adjusted according to the relevant wheel adjustment method.

2. If the foundation sink unnormally, the kiln speed shall be reduced and the treatment shall be carried out immediately.

3. When the main power supply is suddenly cut off, other measures should be taken to regularly turn the kiln. 

4. The fire shall not be in direct contact with the refractory brick, if it is found "red kiln" (the refractory brick falls off or be very thin), the furnace shall be stopped immediately for repair and no thermal compensation is allowed.

5.When wheel belt doesnt carry the wheel,checking and adjusting carefully.

6. Surface of Wheel and Wheel Belt Wear out Heavily and Preparing.

1)The axis of the wheel and the center line of the kiln isnt parallel.

2)The gear teeth occlude incorrectly; the severe wear of the gear teeth causes the impact.

3)Sliding and uneven surface wear occurs between the wheel and the belt.

4)When the foundation is sinking, the foundation is not rigid enough to vibrate.

5)The wheel and wheel belt surface wear heavy, the supporter produces longitudinal jump movement.

6)The material of wheel and wheel belt are uneven or the structure is defective and the stiffness is uneven, the surface is worn into grooves or empty edges appear.

7)When the wear is mild, it can be smoothed automatically after the cause has been eliminated, and when the wear is serious, it must be turned before it can be used normally.