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Problems of Rotary Kiln Installation and Treatment
- Nov 07, 2018 -

The contact of supporting wheel and tile of rotary kiln should be controlled at about 30 °and the oil wedge should meet the requirements. The bearing shaft and the relevant dimensions of the bearing should be checked during installation, and the casting quality of the bearing wheel and the spherical tile should be confirmed. However, in the actual work, the import and export oil wedge scrape is not required, the dimensions and machining accuracy of the supporting wheel shaft are rarely checked or only depends on the construction unit to inspect the appearance; The bolt of press plate, oil spoon and oil plate are not fastened according to the standard fastening and anti-loosening treatment. The bolt is easy to loose after the test operation, because of the loosening of the fixed bolt of oil plate and the loosening of the bolt of press plate, the accident of overvaling is caused by the looseness of the bolt. Supporting wheel seat The relative size of the inner oil spoon and the supporting wheel seat should be re-checked to prevent the oil spoon from being damaged by friction between the oil spoon and the supporting wheel seat when the wheel is running to the limit, causing great hidden trouble. A small number of companies have found that friction between the oil spoon and the supporting wheel seat has caused damage to the oil ladle, that the oil supply is insufficient, that the oil spoon is stuck inside the supporting wheel seat and causing the tile to be scrapped, and that there must be absolutely no foreign body between the tile surface and the shaft. A small number of companies kiln head support wheel seat into too many clinker particles resulting in tile damage accident.