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PEX Fine Jaw Crusher Using Notes
- Oct 26, 2018 -

The fine jaw crusher must be started without load. Carefully check the stiffness of the components, spring elasticity, belt tightening before starting.

Discharge Size Adjustment: When adjust the size, people can loose the screw of the back of the crusher. Clockwise adjustment for small, vice versa. The gap of the plate can be observed at the same time. After adjusting the appropriate clearance, the machine must rotate more than two revolutions manually before the motor can be started to work. It is absolutely not allowed to adjust the clearance after the direct start of the motor into work.

When jaw plate wear out and can not be used, they can be turned upside down and can continue to be used.

In order to keep the machine in good use for a long time, the supporting plate and slide plate,supporting point should be lubricated with grease every 15 and 30 days.

The crusher can only be fed when the speed of the crusher reaches normal speed after starting. The machine without hopper should be added from the front and not from the side, so as to prevent the accident caused by the overload of the machine and the deflection of the plate. And strictly prevent iron and steel, super-hard rock feed into the machine protect the crusher parts from damage. Materials entering the broken cavity should be strictly inspected to prevent metal foreign bodies or explosive materials, such as detonators, so as to avoid accidents.

At the start of each shift, we should carefully check whether the tooth plate of the crusher is loose or not, and often observe and check the working situation of the tooth plate in the work. When we find an abnormal situation, we should stop working, thoroughly handle and troubleshoot the malfunction. Prevent the loosening or displacement of the tooth plate from squeezing the machine. During operation, it is forbidden to remove the ore from the charging port by hand or skid rod, or to remove the position of the large ore, so as to prevent the accident. Stop feeding the machine before stopping, wait until all the material is out before stopping.

If 30% of the belt is damaged seriously, it is necessary to replace all the new triangle belt, which can not be mixed with old and new, which can reduce the power and affect the production efficiency. The machine must be installed in a shelter from the rain, as far as possible. The crusher is maintained once a year. Major repairs are carried out every two years.