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Modern New Technology Lime Kiln
- Dec 17, 2018 -

Modern new technology lime kiln is a more scientific calcinations process with environmental protection, energy saving, mechanization and automation. Because the process adopts modern calcination technology, it can make full use of cheap energy, especially the gas that has pollution to the environment, and turn waste into treasure. This not only protects the environment, but also produces lime of good quality and low cost. Its direct and indirect benefits, economic and social benefits are very considerable.


The process is that limestone and fuel are preheated in lime kilns (if the gas fuel is fed through pipes and burners) and decomposed at 850 ℃, then calcined at 1200 ℃, then cooled, then discharged out of the kiln. The whole process of calcination is equivalent to that in a sealed container. Different kiln shapes have different preheating, calcination, cooling and ash unloading methods. But there are several technical principles are the same: calcination temperature in 850-1200 degrees, preheating temperature in 100-850 degrees. The discharged lime powder temperature is below 100 degrees. High quality of raw material, good quality of lime, high calorific value of fuel, low consumption of quantity, the particle size of lime is directly proportional to calcination time, and the activity of quicklime is inversely proportional to calcination time and calcination temperature.wKhQh1TwXPmECDG9AAAAAKyZo84888