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Installation Precautions of Rotary Kiln
- Sep 17, 2018 -

Check Foundation and Draw baseline.

 1. Revise the drawing of rotary kiln, measure the length of each segment of cylinder, consider the clearance of interface, the welding shrinkage, etc., in generally 2mm for one, calculated according to the actual size of each two wheel belts on the cylinder body of rotary kiln, and then calculated the corresponding thermal expansion amount. The final oblique spacing size and horizontal spacing size of the adjacent two support devices are obtained. To correct the relevant dimensions on the drawing.

2. According to the revised drawings, check the rotary kiln foundation size, especially the base center distance size, if not in accordance with, the following measures should be taken.

A. If the deviation between the drawing size and the corresponding base size is less than 5mm, no need to modify.

B. If the deviation is 5-10mm, properly increase the gap between the indirect joint surfaces of the shrink section. The range of clearance adjustment for each joint is 13mm.

C. When deviation is more than 10mm. After adjusting the joint clearance of the rotary kiln cylinder segment, it is also necessary to adjust the position of the supporting device. According to the adjusted actual size, revise the oblique distance between the supporting devices on the drawing again, and the horizontal spacing size is calculated, and the dimension of the supporting wheel and its bearing is measured and the elevation of the busbar on the top of the working surface of the supporting wheel is corrected.

3. Draw Baseline.

A. Draw a horizontal datum about 1m from the ground level on the side of the foundation and at foundation four angle embedded elevation board, datum elevation deviation shall not be greater than 0.5 mm;

B. Draw a longitudinal centerline with a deviation of not more than 0.5 mm;

C. Draw the horizontal center line of each foundation on the horizontal datum according to the revised drawing line, the center distance deviation of adjacent two foundations shall not be greater than 1.5 mm, the center distance deviation of the first and last foundations shall not be greater than 3 mm.