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Importance of Ball Mill Steel Balls
- Jul 19, 2018 -

Ball mill is a very important processing equipment at present. With the expansion of mineral dressing market, ball mill enters the field of vision of more people, and can be seen in many large, medium and small concentrators. Ball mill steel ball is a very important part of ball mill, ball mill steel ball is an essential grinding medium, steel ball will also produce a large consumption in the grinding process, so, to ensure that ball mill steel ball hardness is high enough, strength enough, In order to produce better grinding effect, steel ball life is longer, improve the overall grinding efficiency.

Ball mill type of steel ball

The ball mill is a horizontal cylindrical device with a ball grinding medium inside. Under the operation of the ball mill, there is friction between the ball and the mineral, and the friction and impact between the ball and the ball separate the pigment aggregates, together with a violent impact. The ore inside the ball mill is crushed by impact and added to the lining. The ore is ground into small particles. Ball mill steel ball plays an important role in the grinding process. The type, size, hardness and strength of the ball directly affect the grinding effect. Ball mill steel ball is a ball mill accessories, in the purchase of ball mill, manufacturers will give users the right amount of steel balls, but the ball in the process of processing Wear is very large, so after a period of time, the need to replace a new batch of steel balls, otherwise there is no ideal grinding effect. China and Germany heavy Machinery specializes in the production of ball mill ball, ball mill, technical personnel will be in accordance with your processing needs, for you to configure the appropriate type of steel ball.

Ball filling capacity of ball mill

The ball loading of ball mill is the key factor affecting the grinding effect. In processing, the efficiency of the ball mill depends on the efficiency of the single steel ball. In order to improve the overall grinding efficiency, it is necessary to make every steel ball play a higher working efficiency, and to improve the working efficiency of the steel ball, the optimum filling amount must be determined. The filling amount of the steel ball is approximately equal to that of the ball. Apparent volume - half - half, after the grinding material is added, the volume of the ball is just soaked and rotated at a proper speed. The filling amount of the ball mill is determined by several data combinations, such as the size of the steel ball, the volume of the cylinder, the ball mill power, the hardness of the ore, and so on. Follow the rules and you will be able to secure high returns.

In the grinding industry, ball mill equipment is a necessary equipment, users must first choose a suitable ball mill, in order to achieve high production. Steel ball type and ball loading problems, involving many aspects, detailed information, please consult our customer service staff, they will explain to you in detail!