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How to prevent the Breakdown of Sand making Machine
- Jan 03, 2019 -

Ⅰ、Abnormal vibration of sand making machine during production.

1.The material entering the sand machine is too large, can check the grain size material before crushing.

2.The wear of the impeller and hammer of sand making machine is not uniform, check the wear of impeller and alloy hammer, repair or replace the wear our ones in time.

3.The impeller is unbalanced and needs to be adjusted.

4.The foundation of sand machine is not handled properly, check the anchor bolt and fasten it.

 Ⅱ、The discharge size of sand making machine is too large

1.Check wear of alloy hammer head, repair or replace wear out ones.

2.Check the counterattack plate on the side of the sand machine and replace it when necessary.

3.Check the material feed granularity, too large will also affect the discharge size.

 Ⅲ、High bearing temperature.

1.Shortage of bearing oil, check and timely refueling; too much oil will also cause bearing heating, oil level must be checked when adding.

2.If bearing damage,replace timely.

3.Bearing cover is too tight, adjust the bolt, the appropriate tightness is necessary.

Ⅳ、Belt Turnover

1.Belt turnover shows belt wear out, it needs to be replaced by triangle belt.

2.The belt pulley needs to be adjusted on the same plane.

3.Check the quality of the triangle belt itself.