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History of Jaw Crusher
- Jul 30, 2018 -

Modern crushing machinery was created after steam engine and motor power machinery was gradually improved and popularized.

In 1806 there were roller crushers driven by steam engines;

In 1858 Blake of the United States invented the jaw crusher for breaking rocks;

In 1878, the rotary crusher with continuous crushing action was developed in the United States, and its production efficiency was higher than that of jaw crusher with intermittent crushing action.

In 1895, William of the United States invented a low-energy impact crusher.

In the 1980s, the feed size of the large jaw crusher, which capacity 800 tons  per hour,feed size even reached about 1800mm.

Common jaw crusher has two kinds of double elbows and single elbows. The former is called simple oscillating jaw crusher because its moving jaw is only a simple arc swing while the latter is moving up and down while the arc is swinging.

The technical level of domestic jaw crusher manufacturers is very different. A few manufacturers are close to the advanced level of the world, while most of the manufacturers have a big gap compared with the world advanced level. Jaw crusher frame accounts for a large proportion of the quality of the machine (casting frame 50, welding frame 30%). Overseas jaw crusher is welding frame, even moving jaw also adopts welding structure. Welding frame is the development direction of jaw crusher. There are many examples of unreasonable structural design of jaw crusher in China, the reason is that the reinforcement is not arranged according to the actual force of the crusher.