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Difference of Heavy Hammer Crusher and Box Crusher
- Dec 26, 2018 -

1、Shape:  Box crusher is a square design, as soon as you see, the heavy hammer crusher is a circular arc design.
QQ图片20140519092315Heavy Duty Hammer Crusher

2、Inlet Part: The upper part of the box crusher has piercing bar, larger ore can be blocked, and will be broken gradually, while the heavy hammer crusher does not have this design, there are advantages and disadvantages;

3、Discharge part: there are grate bars in the lower part of the box crusher, and heavy hammer crusher have no grate bars. This design has advantages and disadvantages.In stone sand production line, it is better to remove the grate strip;

4、Hammer head design: the hammer head of box crusher is smaller and more than that of heavy hammer crusher,but the hammers are bigger than that of box crusher, Therefore the heavy hammer crusher may break the ore with larger size.

5、Regulating device: the  heavy hammer crusher is designed with adjusting plate, by adjusting the distance of the lower liner, people can control the discharging size, but the box break does not have this function;

6、For construction waste: Heavy hammer crusher can break construction waste, and with good effect, but the square box break can not break construction waste with reinforce bars.

7、Different Application: the box crusher is suitable for crushing middle hard material, the whole grain size is not big, the finished product granularity is fine, the output is small; The Heavy hammer crusher is suitable for crushing the stone whose grain size is no more than 3CM, the capacity of heavy hammer crusher larger.

   People can chose suitable crusher according to the above comparison.