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Comparison between Rotary Kiln and Vertical Kiln
- Oct 08, 2018 -

For rotary kiln and vertical kiln, it is generally considered that the lime produced by rotary kiln has better quality and the calcinable granularity is smaller, while the lime quality produced by vertical kiln is generally lower than that in rotary kiln. In China, the rotary kiln has a long history for many years, and has mature technology and operation. It has the following main advantages: simple structure, less operating expenses, fewer operating workers, easy production control and operation efficiency of more than 90%. The quality of the finished product is high and the waste gas temperature discharged from the rotary kiln tail is low, which is generally below 250 degrees, so there is no problem of the utilization of a large amount of waste heat. However, rotary kilns need a large area, high heat and electricity consumption, frequent maintenance of equipment and strict requirements for fuel. They must be high calorific gas, oil and pulverized coal, and they cannot use the gas produced by ironmaking and steelmaking. Because the rotary kiln can choose the limestone raw material with smaller granularity, The waste gas has a large amount of ash.

The vertical kiln can use low calorific fuel to make full use of the secondary energy produced by metallurgical plants, which has the advantages of small area occupation, low investment, low heat consumption and low electricity consumption, and the quality of the products can also meet the production requirements. From the successful vertical kiln introduced in China, the product quality can meet the requirements of metallurgical production. But the structure of shaft kiln is complex and the operation requirement is higher than that of rotary kiln.