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Ball Mill Safe Operation and Maintenance
- Sep 25, 2018 -

  1、Working Before Starting.

 1Checking and fasten all connected bolt before starting.

2Check lubricating parts for lack of oil (grease).

 3Check if there are any obstructions between the feeder and ball mill and classifier, then walk around the ball mill to loosen the ball and material in the cylinder for starting.

 (4)The starting sequence is: start the ball mill, then start the classifier, then give ore.

  2Thing should be done while operating.

 1The ball mill is not allowed to work under overloading and lacking of material.

 2Main bearing is filled with grease once per shift, and regular check the temperature of bearing is normal or not.

 (3)Always check motor temperature, voltage indication, sound is normal.

  (4)Check lining bolt fastening and gasket leakage regularly to make sure the liner is replaced.

 5Check the gearpinion and drive device to ensure that the lubrication is reliable, whether there is a foreign body and noise.

  (6)Check frequently whether there is obstruction in each slot and remove obstacles in time.

 7Regularly supply the right amount of steel ball according to the nature of the ore, steel balls can be added by outlet end.