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China Batch Ball Mill Working Principle and Characteristics
- Dec 19, 2018 -

The fineness of batch ball mill can be controlled and adjusted according to the grinding time. The starting current of the motor is reduced by using self-coupling decompression. The batch ball mill can be divided into integral type and independent type according to the different structure. Customers can choose suitable grinding equipment according to material specific gravity, hardness, output and other factors.


The characteristics of batch ball mill: it has the advantages of high efficiency, low failure rate and good economic benefit in the grinding process, the fineness of the grinding products is uniform, and the energy consumption is low. The batch ball mill has the advantages of less investment, less energy saving and power saving than the common similar products, novel and simple structure, long period continuous operation without obstacles, simple manual operation, safe and secure use, and so on.

batch type ball mill4

The working principle of batch ball mill: when the batch ball mill is working, the continuous and uniform feed from the feeder, the material continuously enters into the batch ball mill, and the motor driving the ball mill through speed reducer. When the broken ore and steel ball in the cylinder are brought to a certain height by friction and centrifugal force, the material and the steel balls are constantly thrown and bumped in the tube, and the whole process of falling, Materials in the cylinder and steel ball impact and grinding action and is gradually crushed. The comminuted material of qualified granularity is discharged out of the barrel through the discharging device. The discharged minerals are classified by granularity in a spiral classifier. After screening out the qualified products, the larger unqualified materials are sent again to the batch ball mill by the combined feed device. Fully qualified materials are being ground and discharged from the batch ball mill. Batch ball mill can work 24 hours a day.