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A brief analysis of the phenomenon of ''full wear'' of ball mill
- Apr 28, 2018 -

Full of ball mill grinding phenomenon is very serious, sometimes need to pour to grinding processing: pour out the ball within the warehouse and material, thoroughly chipped plate and steel ball on the crust, cleared every storehouse board grate seam clogs, then again with the ball or loading poured out of the ball. When the cement ball mill needs clearance, it is suitable to use the reverse grinding method.

"Full mill", also known as "full mill" or "boring", is a common abnormal phenomenon in the operation of cement ball mill. Generally speaking, the change of material's abrasion or material size and measuring equipment is the main reason for filling, while the phenomenon of cement ball mill is usually caused by the grinding change of clinker.

The symptom of "full wear" : the degree of light grinding is changed from clear to low, the amount of the grinding tail is reduced, and the import and export wind pressure of the middle discharge drying mill is increased; Serious when grinding sound disappears, the main motor current is reduced to about 70% of the normal, grinding the end the shoes big reduction: special severity degree of grinding head returns, grinding the end does not discharge, dial the pump export doesn't even have a little gas.

Once the "full mill" appears, the reasons should be carefully identified and excluded. The removal method is generally to reduce or stop feeding, and to strengthen the ventilation in the mill, so that the cement ball mill can operate with less or no material, so as to produce more heat. Drying should increase the grinding heat, moisture to evaporate quickly, and was taken away by hot gas flow, at the same time make the steel ball, lining board and storehouse board grate adhesion of insulation materials, crack under its adhesion body heat expansion, and the grinding medium under the repeated impact peeling off. If invalid, but in the case of stop feeding, to grinding in grinding material (raw meal grinding and dry coal or quick lime, cement grinding and dry slag or dry slag), after waiting for mill sound close to normal, feeding a small amount of material: after normal grinding sounds, gradually increase the feed feed rate, until the normal feeding.